"RIDING THE GOAT: The Secret World of Australian Freemasonry"


Have you ever wondered what a relative or friend actually did at a Masonic Lodge? Were they really RIDING THE GOAT?


And where did Freemasonry come from? What are its hidden secrets and mysteries? What do its symbols mean? What is the significance of King Solomon's Temple, and who was Hiram Abiff? Who are the Illuminati, the Knights Templar and the Rosicrucians? What influence has the occult had on Freemasonry? When did Freemasonry commence in Australia?  


Why did the Pope ban Freemasonry? What of the once-strong divide between Catholic and Protestant, and how did it affect Freemasonry? If you are a Christian, Jew, Muslim or atheist, is Lodge for you? If you are a woman, why are you banned from Craft Freemasonry, but can join other Masonic orders? 


At last, a book that answers these many questions. No longer must you be initiated to find out what happens at Lodge and within Freemasonry. Riding the Goat truly fulfils its promise to TELL ALL.


Here is the key to understanding Freemasonry in an exciting and meticulously researched publication. It examines an important Australian era in which Freemasonry, history and religion interact. Riding the Goat is a lavishly illustrated twenty-first century explanation of the heart and soul of Freemasonry: it will genuinely satisfy your curiosity about the Masons.




'Extensively researched' ... thewest.com.au


'A wonderful expose of Freemasonry' ... Past Master, suburban Perth Lodge


'An accurate description of all the work and ceremonies performed by Freemasons in the three Craft degrees' ... Past Master, suburban Lodge


'A wonderfully unusual and well received gift' ... satisfied purchaser